Where To Go In Africa For A Holiday
Where To Go In Africa For A Holiday
September 13, 2021

Our first encounter with African gorillas in the mountain still remains mind-blowing. Leaving behind the village and lush mountainous countryside, we entered the jungle to have our luck to see the Africa Gorillas. The vegetation started to grow thick as we weaved our way along the narrow muddy path. I couldn’t believe that we had made it here to finally go gorilla trekking in Uganda. We had been walking for around 1.5 hours and it was now beginning to get steep and slippery.

Originally written by Rach (Veryhungrynomads.com)—Gorilla Trekking in Uganda – How to book it

Also check out their video sharing the experience live 

Our guide stops our group and asks us to get out our cameras, We were about to encounter the Africa gorillas that were already very near. Passing our trekking sticks to our support crew, we scramble down a dense area, clutching at tree branches and vines to stay upright. Suddenly, five dark figures appear in the tree ahead of us.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


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