Luxury African Safari Planners

Preparing for an African Safari tour is like preparing for your first blind date. It is a mixture of anxiety, excitement, uncertainty, and not knowing whether you will like what you see or will experience thereafter. You may spend more sleepless nights, a lot of research sometimes helpful or frustrating, and then the stories you have heard about Africa and how to plan a luxury Africa safari.

Having saved your hard-earned money and made a decision for your Luxury Safari to Africa, how will you even make payments? is it safe?. Could we be speaking to you in particular and you are almost changing your mind or give up? If these are some of the questions that are running through your mind, Yes you are home now, you made it to this page and found African Safari Holidays.

We have been enjoying and busking in preparing African journey experiences for more than a decade now. We get to experience new emotions, happy people, faces with a little wet eye with gratitude, and the effect of our trips on the people we take on our East African adventure tours. keeping in touch and have become the African Safari Holidays travel family seeking more alternative African travel destinations

African Safari Holidays has been in the business of travel experiences for while now. That's it, more than a decade and we have mastered the routes, 4×4 off-road experiences, destinations with best activities, hotels safari camps for comfortable relaxation and created a relationship with local guides as well as other service providers that enhances our African safaris more than just memorable.

“Come, let's be part of your Luxury Africa Safari  journey into East Africa with African Safari Holidays and fulfill your enchanted African dream experience on how an African vacation should look like"
With over 20 destinations to choose from in East African destinations, the journey we care most about is the one that’s on your wish list. Whether you are looking for Gorilla tours to Uganda and Rwanda, cultural tours, city breaks, wildlife encounters like the Wildebeest Migration, or misty jungle experiences, celebrating special occasions, would love to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, we’ll transform your travel ideas into unforgettable Africa Safari holiday experiences.

“For many, the desire to travel is either to celebrate an achievement, get close to loved ones, or to get over a tragedy" Kacururu- K-Safaris 


Why you should travel with us

African Safari Holidays, as we execute wildlife and gorilla safaris, we are mindful of traveler’s experience and expectations as they travel to Africa whether first time or many times, especially to East Africa. We avoid surprises and engage you from the first inquiry to when we say goodbye at the Airport.

Professional and Knowledgeable Indigenous Team

“No one can tell a story or experience about a place like the natives you find in that area”.

African Safari Holidays team is entirely indigenous to East Africa with the tourism training and background. Coming to Africa, Uganda, and Rwanda, in particular, would become more fun with a companion in travel and that is where we introduce to you the best safari tour guides male and female (Not Just drivers). We are gender-sensitive and have some of the best professional female tour guides (link to the team) that spices up the experience as they show you the beauty of these two great countries, they have lived in for a long.

We give back 5% of your total payment as we directly involve communities to benefit from Tourism.

African Safari Holidays believes that each person deserves to have clean water, going to school, medical attention and it is part of our social responsibility to make this happen as the people we affect directly appreciate tourism and hence sustainable conservation and tourism. With your booking confirmed with us, you have taken at least a child to school, provided a safe drinking water filter to a home or school, or bought at least re-usable sanitary towels for a girl that has to go to school.

We know you would love to help where you can and this is optional but your booking with us makes a difference in East Africa as we let you directly get involved in this. We directly partner with Change a life Bwindi and Ride for a Woman that has been instruments of change.

Passionate, Experienced, Fast at Email Response and easy payment flexible payment methods.

African Safari Holidays team for some time has steadily and consistently been in the lead of planning and executing the best wildlife and gorilla safari experiences for solo travelers, groups to family tour experiences. Some of the visitor experiences and reviews are shared on Trip Adviser or Safari Bookings. Why pay more for less? or why do what everyone else is doing? These two questions have become our business to bring in another flavor or dimension of travel planning and yes we have succeeded in tailor designing travel trips or safaris together with our travelers to deliver the best experience one can get in East Africa.

We ensure you get the right and honest answers on time, in detail, and up to date based on our good research and knowledge of these two countries so that by the time you travel with us we have left no stone unturned. With our online payment options, you can either use your bank or credit card to pay for your trip this makes it easy and secure to travel with us. We give the experience of a lifetime with safety in mind because you deserve it.

Memberships & Associations

We have been vetted by Government and belong to the Association of Tour operators

African Safari Holidays is a fully Ugandan registered Tour company incorporated under K-SAFARIS dealing in Africa Safari experience for wildlife and gorilla tour safaris in East Africa registered by Uganda Tourist Board. We are also proud members of Association of Uganda Tour Operators which is instrumental checks and balances of tour companies in Uganda.
We also partner with Uganda Wildlife Authority which is in charge of all conservation of national parks in Uganda which includes the issuing of Gorilla permits. This gives us an upper hand in obtaining Gorilla permits that become scarce sometimes. We are legit and operate with confidence.

“We cannot promise what we cannot deliver, we never run out of options, we make it possible for you to get the experience at all cost.”